Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Questions and Answers for Q18

18.Are we able to survive without eating animals' meat?

Firstly, one of the important reasons why we, humans, have eaten animal's meat is nutritional aspects. For example, meat has a lot of protein which is essential for us to sustain our body functions like the immune system. However, some people are against this opinion. they say that we can get necessary nutrients without eating meat. One alternative food they suggest is soybeans. This is because they have as much protein as meat, and they are easy to grow. In addition, these days, there are many soybeans products such as, Textured soy protein(大豆肉), Soy flour(大豆粉), Soy oil(大豆油) and things like that.

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  1. I cannot imagine the life without meat!
    However it is also true there are many vegetarians all over the world!

  2. This is a good, balanced posting. I think the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and the existence of people like me who have lived happily, and in a healthy way, as a complete vegetarian (vegan) for more than 20 years shows that it is most certainly possible.

    I believe that humans may have started to eat meat to get nutrition that may have been lacking in plant-based foods in their environment (this may still be the case in harsh environments like the Arctic), but they continued to eat meat, even after sufficiently nutritious plant-based foods became available, just because they liked the taste of meat and it had become a habit.

    Joseph D.

  3. i think it is very cruel to eat animals that we think of `pets` but I think we cannot, and will never be able to stop eating pork and beef and etc,.

  4. If we couldn't eat animal meat, i would be crazy in a few days.